Sales is slippery. Get a grip.

The moment a startup gets traction, everyone starts paying attention. Whether your moment feels like it’s just around the corner or just out of reach, Traction on Tap coaches you through those first crucial sales.

The Minimum Viable Sales System

You have an MVP. Now you need an MVSS.

Everyone understands the value of building a Minimum Viable Product.
Successful founders understand that selling that product is just as important.

Standing On Your Own

Field-tested toolkits plus one-on-one coaching to build in-house sales capacity.

Reading the Field

Practical guidance on using market research to find and land your first paying customers.

Selling Day-to-Day

Intuitive techniques for building relationships that last and fitting sales into a founder's workflow.

Making Course Corrections

Proven methods for validating marketability and improving your business acquisition model.

What's a Mimi?

Mimi Evans wears a lot of hats. Serial entrepreneur. Startup coach. Angel investor. An expert in all aspects of business development, she’s ready to share 30 years of business leadership and sales experience to help you get traction.

  • pictureMimi was the co-founder & CEO of Salesquest, a sales intelligence firm with a customer list that included IBM, Dell, and Microsoft.
  • picture After a successful exit, she's now focused on helping the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Boston, Cambridge, and New England.
  • picture Mimi has a passion for teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs of all ages, helping them to gain traction and launch their businesses.


Traction on Tap works with startups of all stages and founders of all ages.

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Suzanne Lilley

Suzanne Lilley
Co-Founder, Beam

"Mimi is driven by your success. She helps you focus on what’s most important to make your first sale. We didn’t know how much we needed Mimi until we had her, and now she’s an essential part of our team."

"Mimi helped me develop a sales system that is driving customer growth. She has catalyzed my sales proficiency to a level where I was able to land the customers that will propel us to the next stage."

Sean Iacobone

Sean Iacobone
Co-Founder, Pillar Tech


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